In the Meantime

I purposely stayed away from blogging for the past couple of days because I wanted my interview with Claudia Moss to be the first thing on my blog for as long as possible to gain as much attention as possible.

I didn’t get much feedback on it at all which disappoints me not only because it was my first interview where I asked the questions, but because I was really proud of the quality of the questions and the work I put into it overall, and also because I am so supportive of this author and this particular work.

I’ve read two sample chapters and the synopsis, and let me tell you, I cannot wait for this novel’s release.


I found myself feeling a little burned out from all the writing, and since I’m caught up on all my self-imposed deadlines, I’ve been enjoying Dangerous Pleasures by Fiona Zedde. I’m enjoying this novel more than I ever imagined I could. The writing is beautiful, the attention to detail is amazing and the descriptive language – my, my, my… and yes, a review is soon to come.

I did stall a bit trying to come up with a BDSM erotic romance story and maybe that caused me to put down the pen and pad, so I think that after I finish reading the book, I’ll turn to another, lighter story I was working on and finish that up.

I haven’t heard anything from the various irons in the fire which is another frustration, but it comes with the territory, this I know. So… reading it is, then some nice, uncomplicated writing and hopefully, good news soon.


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