This is me, having a moment.

I’m at that all too familiar place where I’m working on several things at once and feeling for the most part optimistic by everything I have going on, still, I’ve yet to tie up any loose ends over the last week or so. Then I think on the things I have out there in limbo… some I’m pretty confident about; some that I sent out on a whim, none of which I’ve heard back from. Even though it is still a bit early as far as submissions go, I check my email hour after hour and it’s bone dry and I think back to those times when I’ve had a response in a week or two and then those ones that took a month or more and the answer was a resounding thanks, but no thanks…

No matter how many times I’ve been published, no matter how much praise I’ve received for my writing, there can’t always be a hit and that’s the harsh reality of it.

So, yesterday I started feeling bummed out about not being as promotion savvy as I could/should. I mean, I’ve, for the most part, let my work stand alone, and yes, the reviews, the excerpts, the praise, it came, but then I sit back and wonder, what if I had participated readings or tried to be interviewed more or traveled and made appearances or not let my website go or blogged more… then what? Then where would I be? Would I still be waiting/wishing/hoping for the day that I’m the one editing my own anthology; I’m the one touring for my own novel or would I actually be doing just that?

So, there. It doesn’t happen as much anymore, but yes, it does happen. I have my moments. Good to know I’m still human.

On the upside (what? there’s an upside?) I am over 2k words in on Looking for Lewis, the work in progress for the super huge project that I would be ecstatic to be a part of if all goes well. And, well, quite frankly, it depends on this story. It’s got to be a hit. It’s got to reach the masses. It’s got to be another Midnight Letter to Fran (which is ironic because I think I’ve gone on to write far better stuff) but anyway… it’s got to be that type of good, so the pressure’s definitely on.

Sigh. My mind is all over the place.


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