The Joy of Googling Yourself

What I do now and again is Google myself to see how often my names pops up in reference to writine and publishing. I’m almost always pleased at what I find because the more I look, the more new places I find that mention my names and my stories in review, mostly to the positive side.

I did this last night and here are some of the newer ones that I came up with:

My bondage story, Reasoning, from Best Bondage Erotica 2011 is now on Google Books.:

My reprinted spanking story Lonnie’s Licks is mentioned here:

Zaji’s “Lights on a Cave Wall” combines Caribbean spirituality and mysticism with pulsing, sensual descriptions, while “Lonnie’s Licks” by Tenille Brown and “All Day” by Asha French are probably the best bets for turning on the ladies.

Reasoning was also excerpted here:

Reasoning, Tenille Brown. The point was, Ray was trying to fuck her to death. This story was such fun. The only way the heroine could get her guy to shut up and listen was to force him. So, Carlotta had said “No,” just like that, and it hadn’t really felt bad at all. It had felt damned good, in fact.

Reasoning was mentioned on Erotica Revealed as well:

““Reasoning” by Tenille Brown is a stand out story of a woman simply fed up with her boyfriend’s behavior.

My story Speed Bumps from the anthology Fast Girls is mentioned here:

“Speed Bumps” by Tenille Brown, our girl is addicted to the life of motorcycles, and the fast-paced danger and unpredictability that her and her partner enjoy surrounding the motorcycle lifestyle – she doesn’t want to change that lifestyle but her partner does.

So, needless to say, that made my night/morning, and I scribbled many, many words on a new butch/femme erotica story before going to bed. I feel appreciated. I feel accomplished. It feels really, really… nice.


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