Bad meaning Good?

I did make contact with the Publisher on yesterday and received a response late night/early morning.

You know those “good” rejections you get? Those “We loved it… we ‘re fans, however…” type rejections? Well, in this case, the however had much to do with the theme not being a very good seller, and I suppose a lot of it could have been because of the angle from which I pitched the idea.

The decision is made, though, and I’m not the “But, I can change… I didn’t mean it that way..” type. I was happy that she actually reached out to me in a non-format type manner and was actually interested in hearing about any other ideas I might have for anthologies… and honey, I have aplenty!

My mind was racing a little this morning, so when I emailed her back, I sort of spit all these ideas out in hopes that one would stick and a light bulb would go off and she’d be like… “Ok, now that, we can do.”

Fingers crossed. This would be such a wonderful/amazing/fulfilling/cool accomplishment for me if I can actually break ground on the anthology editing front.

And in reference to said antho idea… I plan to clean up the call a bit and pitch it elsewhere. I already have at least one other publisher on tap. So, to those wonderful, generous authors who have already submitted… an email from me is forthcoming… and if you still want to be a part of the project, I’m pressing on and would love to keep you on board.

Also, if one or more of the other ideas are picked up, I will be forwarding Private Calls for those as well.


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