Writing and Working Out

I know that I said weight loss wasn’t going to be an official New Year’s resolution for me and I actually made the conscious effort not to jump start it on January 1. The only thing I backed off from at that time was hard liquor, and let’s face it, that sorta needed to happen.

Well, to relieve a bit of stress and frustration I started using my punching bag a couple of days ago. The next day, I was pretty sore, so I went home and did it again, figuring my body was responding. That night and next morning, I was even more sore, so I switched over to Hip Hop Abs (which I had begun and had been having success with late last year) this morning.

It was no easy feat, I’ll tell ya. I actually wanted to stop a couple of times throughout, but I fought my way through to the end. I can’t believe I used to do this every day like it was nothing.

I feel like kicking my own ass for letting things get this far out of hand.

No need to reflect on all that, though, I guess. It’s a new day, so they say.

I’m working some on Having His Cake. I have a little over a week before it needs to be turn in and I’m about 1700 words in. The story is flowing well. The characters are intriguing… so, it should be good.


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