Editing vs Muffling

I didn’t accomplish a whole lot of writing yesterday, not compared to the progress I had been making, but I did finish some long overdue edits this morning and sent them in. I’m not normally that slow about things like edits but there is a story behind it (of course) and here it is:

A few months ago I received edits for a lesbian spanking story (Taming Tildy). A lot of it was grammatical which normally I would have no problem with but the story is written in first person which gives the author a lot of room for things like dialect. Not, it’s not at all like I was writing about some illiterate person who used a bunch of slang. It was just casual and conversational like the narrator was talking to a close firend.

Needless to say, I was hesitant to do the edits and well, a little resistant to them. I’m not proud of this but I felt stuck. Anyway, it got down to the wire and I had to just do it or risk my story being pulled from the antho all together.

Yeah, the sacrifices we make.


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