So, yeah, 2011.

When this time of year comes around, I intentionally try not to make any hard and fast promises to myself and the universe for fear of it blowing up in my face (ie. me not living up to it) but I do try to quietly revamp and redo various things in my life like the everlasting weight loss thing and the drinking.

Last year, unintentionally, I quit smoking for about six months. You should know that I’m not a pack a day smoker. I don’t even smoke cigarettes. I smoke filtered flavored cigars and only on occasion, but I cut even that out. However, I started up again around my birthday and it got really bad from there.

But, I digress. Next year… I’d really, really like to cut back on the drinking. I want to not depend on it so much for my good times/thrills. I’m even giving it a head start (had only one beer last night) and I think I can do it.

The weight thing… I’ve proven time and time again that I can do it if I just… do it. But, of course, that’s the thing.

I want to get with this natural high stuff. I want to plug in good choices like writing and reading and advocating for my children and their special needs and education.

I’m really happy with my writing right now. I’m really happy with my (gasp) love life. I’m just really happy.

Of course… I’m kinda bipolar, so this might all be a fluke.

Sidebar: I got the weirdest compliment just now. He said to me: “This is the best I’ve ever seen you look.” Just makes me wonder what the hell I’ve been doing with myself the past few years. I always thought I was pretty cute. And for those who don’t know – right now, I’m all but completely bald and I don’t wear make-up. Go figure.


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