That’s just my mojo…

So, I’ve accomplishsed 2k words on the oral sex story and have started a military story for a super/big/important call with a March deadline.

I still haven’t really started my second couples erotica story, but I do have a title: The Scheme of Things, and I’m really excited about working on it. Here’s a hint: It’s a break-up sex story. Gotta love that.

So, I guess I need to put other projects aside that I still have some breathing room with the deadline and get to the one that’s due this weekend. Easier said than done though when I’m on a roll with all this other stuff.

Going into 2011, I feel oh so confident that I will be more diligent and disciplined where my writing is concerned. Even my husband commented that he was happy I got my “mojo back.” (He’s awakened several times throughout the night to see me knees up in the bed scribbling in a notebook.)

Aah… completely satisfied right now.


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