Yeah, I’m impulsive… so???

So, years I’ve been thinking about, talking about, taking notes for… an erotic anthology. You remember the whole spill of me giving myself specific timelines, like after I’m published in ten anthos, then twenty, then thirty, and well, I’ve passed thirty and I’m pretty sure I’ve been putting the damned thing off. I had at one point even convinced myself that no one would be interested/read/buy an antho with my name on the cover but still, over the years I jotted notes, sketched calls for submissions, imagined who I’d want to submit.

Then last week I found a worn out print out for one of those calls, figured I’d bring it with me on “the trip” and work on it in my spare time. Lo and behold, I forgot to bring it, but begin working on a new version of it this morning. I thought I was just getting it started for when i got my hands on the rough draft adn could really put a package together but after class today I guess I was so wound up that I went to writing and before I knew it I had shot off an email to an editor querying the proposal, even sent a CV and sample call. Then I started putting together a contact list in my email for my “dream authors” those special people I want to ask/beg/plead with to submit something for the official proposal and (hopefully) eventual book. I’ve had to do some tracking down of some people that I haven’t been in touch with and am even planning to reach out to a couple who may not know who the dickens I am, but geez I’m SUCH a big fan and I hope I don’t come off that way, lol.

Anyhoo, not that I have any readership right now in this recently reincarnated blog, but I was uncertain as to where to post… they’re not knocking down the door at MySpace, either.


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