Live and let.

I received an email last night from… ok, from here on out we’ll call this person The Editor. It was odd because for a time I had some “conflicting” feelings on how the whole anthology business went down. But all loose ends were tied in the end and I made a deal with myself to not work with this person again. It was kinda wierd the way we ended up working together in the first place, but anyhoo. So, the email asks if I had received my copies and my check… number one as if both were coming from the same place, number two as if I hadn’t already inquired about both before, the last inquiry (about the check) having not even been acknowledged. Ok, so I’m thinking, either this dude is seriously playing me, or, I blasted my last email off to the last address and he honestly had no knowledge of the mix-up. So, me, always willing to give the benefit of the doubt, I emailed back, let him know that I had received both – the books a long, long time ago and the check just last week.

In the email he also asked for a story for an upcoming call, asked if I had received/heard about said call, which I had and had actually had another conversation with him about (WTF???!!) but I kindly let him know that yes, I had received the call, and sure, I could write something.

So, I guess my thing is – am I being flaky? Was I making something out of nothing from the beginning? I mean the situation (monetarily) is/was small enough for me to let go, but business-wise, I’m not really sure I want to press forward.

Hmm. We’ll see.


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