On The Job Hunt And Writing Front

You may remember that recently, well nearly two months ago now, I was laid off from my job. Since then, I’ve applied for over a dozen new jobs (and only a dozen because it’s ridiculously slim pickings in and around the town in which I love). Until very recently, I hadn’t been called for any interviews, but I had my first one on Monday (another job in the medical billing field) and it went very well. I actually have a second interview for this position this coming Monday. I’ve scheduled another interview for next week, this one with the school district, and I got a phone call tonight for a case worker position, interview next Friday. The first and third sound very promising. The second is kind of my back-up.

I started a new story today, and I know, I know, I still have Waiting to finish, but what can I say? The muse speaks and I say, “Yes, Master.” Anyway, it’s titled Casualties and the writing is going incredibly smoothly. I already have over 1,000 typed words and many more to be typed. I think I can finish it by (knock on wood) tomorrow night.

I also have an idea for another story that I need to jot down and push aside because that one absolutely has to wait.

So, all is going well, right now and I couldn’t be happier about it.


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