Back To Normal

God, give me the courage to love with an open heart…

As of yesterday afternoon, the kids are back home and life has returned to the whirlwind we all know and love around here.

Health wise, I’m also back to normal, but I’m still quite tired. I guess once the kids get back into daycare this week, I can recover from these last two days of them making up for lost mommy time.

Hmm… I was sure I had more to say than that when I logged on, but now all I can think about is jumping in the bed.

I did want to rave about India.Arie’s new CD Testimony: Vol 1, Life & Relationships (hence the above quote) but I don’t have the energy to give it the words it deserves other than to say it’s definitely worth a buy and several loud, continuous listens. My favorites are Heart Of The Matter (a remake), There’s Hope, Private Party, I Am Not My Hair and I Choose.

This CD has gone with me from my car to the house daily since I purchased it.

So, that’s a wrap for tonight, ya’ll. Old girl is tired.


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