Write For Your Life

By the way, I’m going to have those words printed on a t-shirt one day soon.

In more relevant news, I made a lot of progress on Waiting, formerly known as rough draft #3, yesterday. I now have 17 handwritten pages ready be typed this morning. This story is actually due on Friday so I thought it best to go on and get it out of the way. It’s flowing pretty easily… I pretty much wrote the whole thing laying across my bed while the kids sat on my bedroom floor watching Lady and the Tramp. I also see it being pretty long which probably isn’t the best thing given my timeline, here, but I must do what the story dictates (and thank God for 6,000 word limits). Ahhh, isn’t it lovely being at the mercy of your muse?

Guess I’d better hop to it then. These damned stories won’t quite write themselves, will they?


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