Wanna Edit An Anthology?

New York based writer and editor Rachel Kramer Bussel gives tips on how to make it happen here.

I found it quite insightful.

Also insightful and interesting and creative and entertaining? Amazons: Sexy Tales Of Strong Women which I began reading yesterday afternoon. Every time I open it to read another story I am absolutely amazed. There are few anthologies in which I enjoy most of the stories, but as I was comprising a list of favorites in my head to jot down here, I found myself writing down almost every title I came across. But, among my absolute favorites are Bullbitch 8.0, The Spear Of Janice Kienan, Fully Functional and Sex With Ducks (which is so not what you’re thinking). And I don’t think I’ve even gotten through half the book yet.

The stories are so much more than just sexy. They are creative and smart and interesting and diverse. There were even a couple that dabbled in the fantasy/sci-fi arena that were still page turners to me.

The best thing to come out of it? I was inspired to write something. It was actually something for a story I started (and actually thought I finished) more than a year ago, titled Wednesdays At Johnny’s. It takes the story in a whole new direction. Maybe I’ll even consider submitting it somewhere now.

I’d elaborate but I’m pretty tired and I still need to get things ready for me and the kids for tomorrow.


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