Birthday Reflections Part II

The title of this post could have easily been “Birthday Bust” but I choose to focus on the positive of the weekend and not the negative. And actually, the only negative is that the big birthday night got severly rained and thunderstormed out so putting together a really awesome outfit and shoes would have been a waste and no one really came out that night anyway. I didn’t even wake up with a decent hangover the next morning. Otherwise, I guess it was okay.

I would certainly like to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes publicly and privately. You all made my day!

I went out again last night and had loads of fun and was showered and unconscious by two. I guess that’s more my kind of going out now that I’m older.

I did a quick edit per request on a submission I sent in a few months ago. Awaiting final word from the publisher, it may be another sale for me. We shall see.

The kids come home today and we get to do the whole weekly rat race again. Why do these 48 of free time go by so fast and I seem to accomplish not much of anything?


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