My Day

So, it’s Mother’s Day… my third. Man if I wasn’t so exhausted could I tell you a story here!

Anyhoo! The kiddos are with their dad, and at my request won’t be returning until late in the afternoon. Yeah it’s Mother’s day and sure it sounds sweet to say I’d love to spend it with my children, but you know what… in that case, every day is freakin’ mother’s day and I sure would love to spend this day not chasing after toddlers! Love ya, babies, and miss ya, but see ya when ya get home!

Now, about the writing. There hasn’t been much actual writing but I do have a ton of things to do. I have a deadline tomorrow for two stories that I need to make. I just checked my email for the first time in days and found a private call for submissions from an editor I’m familiar with but haven’t had the opportunity to work with before. Needless to say, I feel honored that this person likes/respects my work enough t want me to include something in her project. And just when I thought no one was paying any attention…

So, the shoot for my short film, Her Mama’s House, didn’t happen yesterday. Apparently there was a last minute schedule conflict with one of the actors. Now the director needs to reschedule and isn’t sure when she can. It didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. I think I’m starting to lose faith that this project is actually going to happen.

Well, I sat here and wrote more than I intended and could probably write more, but I need to get myself dressed, get my room straightened up and be at a Mother’s Day event soon.

Happy Mother’s Day, all you foxy ladies! Enjoy!


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