The Ten Things I Know About Writing

I saw this in Heather Brewer’s blog and thought I’d give it a go.

Here are ten things I know about writing:

10. There are no sure things.
9. There is no such thing as “I did my best.” You can always do better. Write and re-write… until the deadline, that is.
8. You’re never too good or too famous to help someone else along.
7. No matter how much you’ve been publishesd, acceptances still feel magnificent and rejections still sting.
6. You should always be true to you. Write what you know, what you like, what you would read, what you can live with having your name attached to.
5. There are stories all around you. People watching is very useful.
4. Writing costs less than therapy. Do you know how many exes I’ve gotten back at or how many mean people I’ve er um… eliminated in a story?
3. You can never have too many ideas. And on that note, if you don’t use it, you might lose it so get in the habit of writing everything down.
2. There is never enough time to write everything you want to write.
1. 98% of the time, writing totally cures what ails me.

Yeah, that’s about it.


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