The Terrifying Quiet

So, this afternoon I did something I hardly ever do. I connected to the internet while the kids were still awake. I was on for a few minutes and started reading one of my favorite blogs when suddenly it occurred to me that the house had become silent. You know that feeling you get deep in your bones when you just know something terrible has happened, the kind of feeling that paralyzes you and you’re scared to get up out of your chair to see what may have occurred?

Well, parents of toddlers know to worry when there is sudden quiet. So I got and walked to the kids room thinking I’d find that they’d knocked each other unconcious or figured out the locks on the doors and wandered outside. But, there they sat on their knees in their bedroom watching cartoons as cute as can be.


**And don’t worry, before I was even done typing this post, the girl child had started screaming and the boy child had run in here to tell me he didn’t do it.**


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