The Casting Call

Well, the casting call for Her Mama’s House was held Saturday in L. A. Only four people showed up. Luckily, there are only four roles in the film, LOL. From what I understand, there may have been a mishap with the email to the other interested parties and/or the money situation wasn’t working for them… anyway, we have our cast and from what the director tells me, the universe sent them our way. She said each person is perfect. My top choice for one of the characters did show up so I’m very happy about that, and someone I do remember liking a lot also showed up for another role. The directer is sending me a DVD of the casting this week. I can’t wait to see it.

Man, I wanna write movies.

How freakin’ crazy is that?

Oh, some writing did get done over the weekend. Started three new stories and worked on others. I’m satisfied with that. Got a great idea for a screenplay today… an idea that actually seems to good for it not to have been explored before. I’ll have to Google it and see.

Oh, and my blog anniversary was April 15th, so happy belated anniversary to me. One of these days I’ll pay more attention to my other blog… but for now… ah well.


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