Color Me Intrigued

Well, the cap on my Sunday night is a cold glass of beer and sitting here half watching HBO’s Big Love. It seems I’ve gotten a little hooked on this show. I especially like the storyline they having going on now with Bill and the first wife which I won’t spoil for those of you who didn’t watch. A great little twist…. something I would totally throw in if I were writing the story.

Anyways, nothing new to report here… still tired, terribly stressed with no time to write. I desparately need to update the website and blog so that it reflects more of my upcoming projects. That way it will at least show that I have done something at some point.

You know, every time I decide to blog I have these things in mind to write about… like tonight it was about Anne Lammott’s declaration that if not for her ability to write, she would be completely unemployable. But oh well, I won’t be touching on that tonight.


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