My Cup (of ideas) Runneth Over

I’ve been having my infamous pregnancy dreams lately. Last night I dreamed I was pregnant with a boy. I was huge and I felt the baby moving all over the place in there. It was quite vivid. Dreams like these used to scare me until one day I looked up what they mean:

Pregnancy often represents new growth in your life, growing creativity.

And on that note, I am working on, get this, three stories these days. There’s Ties, which I haven’t actually had much time for lately, and something new I’m calling As Pretty Does and yet another new one that is yet untitled and, incidently, deals with pregnancy, or the results thereof. The good thing is that these are all geared toward calls with deadlines within the month so the stories wouldn’t just sit there after completion with nowhere to go, but I’m starting to feel like an overworked secretary at the mercy of my muse, frantically taking dictation as he spins out idea after idea.

Thanks but, geez, can a girl breathe?


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