Working And Being Mom

So, I’ve written 1660 words of a rough draft for a new short story, Ties. It’s for one of the reopened calls for submissons. I’m sure over the next couple of days it will swell to more than 3000 words, but for now I’m satisfied with the content and I have a solid idea on how to continue to shape it.

I’ve also been working on The Change Of Life. I opened up a file of notes I had written up on it when I first started working on it (over a year ago) and was disappointed to realize that in shaving parts of the story to try and make the word count, I left out a lot of the good stuff. Well, good thing I have a chance to include it all now. I need to get that out in snail mail tomorrow.

One of the kiddies stayed home sick today. It’s amazing how much I can get done with thirty plus pounds in my lap, draped across my shoulder, on my hip, etc. It’s funny how they only want mommy when they’re not feeling well. It’s flattering, too, I guess.

Whew, I’m beat, so for now, that’ll be all folks.


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