All Work, No Play

…keeps this writer on track.

Tonight I completed the edits for Mount Everest and returned the revised version for the editor’s final approval. There weren’t many suggestions, but I agreed with them all. There were even some wonderful comments thrown in like when she thought something in the story was particularly funny or interesting. That made the experience even better.

I’ve also done the bulk of transforming Her Mama’s House into screenplay format. It stands at fourteen pages long right now and with some tweaking over the weekend, it should end up looking quite professional.

I have my eye on a perspective home for The Change Of Life. I have the opportunity to add the much needed details (that had to be sacrificed due to space limitations in last year’s perspective publication), and to go through the story more thoroughly to make sure it’s the way I want it to be. I also need to alter the story slightly to make it the right fit, but it would be well worth it if I could get this story published.

Wowza. Time sure flies when you’re planted in front of a computer typing your ass off.


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