On Passion And Such

Last night I dreamed of red – a big, bloody dog that would have been pretty creepy had he not been ridiculously oversized and the spitting image of Clifford, a broken bottle of red wine. I, of course, did the research and these little bits from my odd dream all represent the passion that may or may not be present in my life.

I thought it very interesting for these signs to come along at such a time, right at the beginning of February, the month of passion and romance, right when I’ve just picked up and already devoured the newest edition of Skirt! Magazine (whose theme this month is passion, by the way) right when I’m working diligently on a plan to get me through my transition.

No, I didn’t need the universe to tell me that it’s time I get passionate about my writing and my life, but it sure helps.

I sent three more stories to the woman I’m working with on the short film adaptation of Her Mama’s House. They are three from the Midnight Letter To Fran series and it occurred to me that these may also make an interesting film project. Meanwhile, though, I’m working to get Her Mama’s House – the screenplay – to her by the weekend.

I’ve also got to get to the library to do some research for my contribution to the reference book. The internet just isn’t coming through for me on this one.

I’m almost done with week two of working in-house, one more to go and I’m, quite literally, home free.


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