Green Light

I spoke with the director on the phone last night concerning the Her Mama’s House project. She believes it will be fairly easy to shoot. We talked about what I had in mind for the characters and the setting and by the end of the conversation she was asking to see more of my stories. I got the go ahead to start the actual script. We’re aiming for it being completed by the end of this month and the film wrapped by mid-March. She said the complete film would be 10-12 minutes, 15 minutes max so this shouldn’t be hard at all.

I’m kind of excited… or I would be if I wasn’t so tired this morning.

I received an interesting query via my website this morning. It was someone asking if I planned to do any more with the characters Pat and Fran (Patrcia and Frances from the short story, Midnight Letter To Fran, that made its first appearance on the website Kuma years ago and eventually landed on the pages of Chocolate Flava). When I first wrote this story I received tons of fan mail. This was my first real approach to short story writing and it was very encouraging to have the characters and the story so well liked. I wrote two follow up stories that were also published in the online magazine and wrote a couple of more stories with these characters that never made it out of the notebook. Maybe it’s time to think about getting back to them?

I’m nursing a little headache this morning, but I am taking my iron so hopefully I’ll get back to feeling like myself soon.


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