Next Up

I realized shortly after sending in last night’s submission that I didn’t even number the pages. It was already after midnight at that point and technically past deadline, but I got up this morning anyway and numbered the pages, gave the story one last look and resent it.

Also, in the midst of finishing Things Between, I started a new story – As Pretty Does – for an anthology with a deadline of mid-February. I think this one has to be snail mailed and seeing as how I’m still nursing a headache from last night’s fiasco, I really, really don’t want to be wrapping this one up last minute.

But, I say that every time, don’t I? And every time I’m the one pressing send at 11:59 PM on deadline day.

Old habits die hard.

Oh and want something to read? I put a new story up on the website. Actually it’s not new. It’s been in the Scarlett Letters archives for over three years, but still. If by chance you haven’t seen it before…


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