Old Stories, New Horizons

I found another place to send Stella And The Silver Stilettos, so all may not be lost on that front. I’m really glad about that since I really did like the finished product and felt kind of bad that no one would ever see it. And even still, we’ll have to see how far it goes.

I’ve made more progress on Things Between (formerly known as Story #1), and I’ve set aside some time this week to make sure I get this one and the others wrapped up by/before Sunday.

I have a dozen things floating around in my head that I want to start, work on, finish, but I’m working really hard on doing one thing at a time, going at one particular thing and not stopping until I get that thing done. No more bouncing here and there doing this and that because somehow with that approach, it never, ever gets done.

I’ve aso resolved to eat better and exercise more… okay, yes, I did that a long time ago, but today I actually started a food journal. Though I may give updates on my progress now and then, this won’t turn into a weight loss blog, I promise.

So, in keeping with the theme of “getting it done,” I’m off to work!


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