I currently have eight people living in my head… six women, two men, all characters for four stories that I’m working on. They appeared rather suddenly, when I wasn’t even sure I’d spark an idea for one, but I am grateful that they’ve arrived. I guess the trick is now to keep writing.

I thought I’d be able to take it one story at a time, but I’m quickly figuring out that it won’t be so. Now here I am jotting notes here, writing sentences there. I now have something for all, but the bulk of it has come for the… well, I don’t have a title for it yet so we’ll call it Story #1. For this story I decided to use characters from my favorite story, Dressing Desire, the story that will also be featured in the anthology, Glamour Girls, released this summer.

Since the clothing in Dressing Desire played such an important role and Story #1 also revolves around clothing, it only made sense. It also doesn’t hurt that these characters make it so easy for me to write. I’m eager to tell more of their story.

The other six characters are brand new and, boy, are they impatient. So, rather than continuing to talk about it, I’d better get to the writing, eh?


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