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What Do You Know?

And I ask because I need to know what you know about anthology rights. We are working on my website (well they are, my job consists of nit-picking and nagging) and I’m gathering stories for my fiction section. Thing is, I want to include some of my published stuff and before I do I want to be sure that I’m not violating any rights, such as reprinting the work prematurely. I’ve been reading over all my contracts, but I don’t see anything that specifically mentions the time frame in which one is to hold off on reprinting a story. Is it one year, two?

Anyone know?

Rachel, Marilyn, Sage… any of you guys out there and can help me out here?


BTW, I’ve been previewing my website and I can’t wait until we go live. It makes me feel like a true blue writer.


Best Weekend Ever

Ok, so that was probably a little overstated, but seeing as how I was in such a pissy mood at the start of it, my weekend shaped up quite nice… even though it rained. I visited my mother this weekend in the wet weather, and as a matter of fact, I think it was the rain that I loved most about it. It was the kind of rain I welcome, the steady mist that’s not too hard, that isn’t accompanied by thunder or lightning. It was the type of rain that relaxes instead of depresses me, the kind I’d rather stand in than run through or hide from and it continued all weekend.

And so, I walked in it, stood in it, talked in it, watched it through windows, felt it on my face and fingers and it was lovely. I partied with my best friend and her family and we had a blast. Yay for Holiday Party #3!

And today I came home. I went out Christmas shopping and successfully kept myself from buying gifts for myself and that made me feel good. Then I checked my email and…

My contributor’s copies of Santa’s Sweets are in the mail!!!!

The contact person on the previously mentioned “exciting news” front emailed me with her proposition. I’ve responded and asked my questions and I’m pretty sure it’s all a go, but man, oh man I can’t wait until it’s official enough for me to blurt it all over this blog!

Yes, it was a good weekend indeed.

If You Don’t Use It…

It occurred to me early this afternoon that since I had some down time at work, I might work some on Trouble. Even with NaNo being a thing of the past and other deadlines looming, I felt a pull toward this story. I sat down at the PC and opened the file, noted that it seemed smaller than I remembered and was a bit embarrassed at the fact that I hadn’t been in the file in over a month. I opened it and there were only 8,500 words there.

I knew that couldn’t be right. I knew I had jumped the 10,000 mark, had even blogged about it. Ah, yes, then I remembered. The most recent copy was on my memory key which was conveniently located right….

I looked on the desk, not there. I looked on the other desk, nope. I looked on futon, not there since I had cleaned it off last week. Checked a few more places and then, oh then, panic set in.

What else had I not made a second copy of? What other originals sat on that lost key? What stories, poems, started novels would I never see again?

I turned the car, the den and my bedroom upside down only to come up with nothing. I plopped down on the bed having come to the conclusion that I had no other choice but to shoot myself, except I didn’t own a gun.

Then I leaned over and opened the top drawer to my nightstand. I don’t know why. I never go in there. Well, except to put things away that I wouldn’t want lost or damaged.

Yep, my memory key included.

I promptly made a second copy of Trouble, sat down and began writing.

‘Tis The Season…

… to party, to shop, to ignore awaiting writing projects…

I attended Holiday Party #2 over the weekend, this one hosted by my friend K, so of course that phrase couldn”t be proceeded by the word “boring” by any means. I enjoyed myself… am still recovering actually.

I received my contract and check for Amazons today. I’m really anxious for this anthology to be released as I’m really proud of this particular story. I began writing it several months before I submitted it for this project. It was actually intended for another anthology that I didn’t make the deadline for, but I knew that it was a story I wanted to finish and I’m glad that I was eventually able to use it.

I haven’t heard anything more on the “exciting news” front but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I don’t have to find new daycare arrangements after all. Love that.

What else, what else… Pampers thinks I’m having another baby. They sent me a sample of a newborn diaper a few weeks ago and a pamphlet on pregnancy and the early days of motherhood today. Right. That’s something mama certainly doesn’t want for Christmas.

I got the chance to enjoy the biography of Sylvia Plath on A&E today. It maked me really anxious to dig into the two books that I recently picked up, Her Husband and The Journals of Sylvia Plath. Maybe I’ll actually have the time to read them in 2006.

Things Are Looking Up

I discovered this morning that it pays to check old email accounts, or rather, never let them fall by the wayside. I got a very exciting proposition from an epublisher I’ve worked a lot with over the years and a print publisher I had the pleasure of working with for the first time this year.

I’m ready to burst right now, but I’m sure it’s much too early to talk about it in detail… hopefully soon, though. Woo Hoo!

Micro Update

I had planned for a more detailed post but I started watching Project Runway and let myself get too tired. But anyway, I found out last week that I will have a project released before this year is done. Well, I’m a part of a project that will be released, anyway. My erotic Christmas story, Gift To Self, is included in the anthology, Santa’s Sweets, to be released December 15th by independent publisher LB’s Just Say It Publishing. I’ll have my contributor’s copy and a cool t-shirt to sport in a couple of weeks. I wrote that story in October of last year. It will be good to finally see it in print.

I’ve also received word that I’ll soon be receiving payment for The Death On Applegate Avenue, my story included in the upcoming anthology Amazons: Tall Tales of Strong Women.

It’s nice to hear good news about things to come when you currently have zilch going on… unless you count shopping… and t.v. watching.

And speaking of slacking off… how right on is my horoscope for today?

Your curious, adaptable and, ofcourse, intelligent nature provides you with all sorts of avenues of exploration and amazing ideas. When it comes to actually acting on one — and following through — well, you can get a little side tracked (or a lot side tracked). But your most recent brainstorm absolutely deserves to be pursued. Set your priorities and make a schedule — and maybe get a friend with a lot of determination onboard.

Ah, so much easier said than done.

Boring Holiday Party #1

Just got back in town today from one of the most boring holiday parties I’ve ever attented. It was at the home of the husband’s boss and boy was it a snoozer. It was good to have a night away from the kids, but frustrating that the only conversation I could get in on concerned pregnancy, labor and delivery, oh and let’s not forget the terrible two’s.

Back at the hotel we crashed early like the party animals we’ve become and we were up early for the long ride back.

I’m being a bad mommy and letting Blue’s Clues and Little Einsteins babysit my kids while I try and get it together but man, oh man, is it bedtime yet?