A nice little end of the year wrap-up post will soon follow, but for now I’ve just added a new story under the Writing section of my website so stop by there and read it if you like. Actually, the story is far from new… it’s the chronically unpublishable Mount Everest, but it’s one of my favorites and… ah hell, read it, I say.

I’m also editing The Evolution Of A Stalker to put on there later. I went in thinking I only had to tweak it, but I hadn’t even peeked at that file in a year and it’s crazy how clear things become to you after you put some distance between yourself and the work. I mean, I’m cutting whole paragraphs, whole conversations. Wow. And I wondered back then why I couldn’t sell the story.

I’m working a half day today… gotta have a story turned in by midnight tomorrow… wanna guess how I’ll be ringing in the new year?


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