They Don’t Call ‘Em Deadlines For Nothin’

So, I have a story to finish by this weekend. And by finish I mean retype the three or so hand written pages I already have, add enough plot to have a decent first draft and then shape it into something good enough to send off to an editor.

I’ve only had half a year to finish it… half a freakin’ year. I wrote a story for this particular call several months ago, but was having difficulty with it. I finally admitted to myself that I just didn’t like that damned story and didn’t want to write it and I decided to do it all over. Lotta good that did me. It really will be a good story, though, once it’s written.

Husband downloaded some software to help me with changing Her Mama’s House into a screenplay. I was also offered formatting help from Devon so it shouldn’t be too nervewracking.

I just want the year overwith already. I’m ready to wipe another slate clean and start fresh.

I should be able to get some writing in tomorrow (I’d better). And oh, if you missed my short post below, my website is up, not finished, but up:


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