The After

Well, whadya know, I survived Christmas yesterday. The kids now have more toys and clothes than they (or I) know what to do with, and I’m already tripping over letters and blocks. I was so exhausted last night after all was said and done, I could hardly drag myself to bed.

And on top of all the gift opening and ptting together of toys (like I put together anything anyway), I cooked dinner. It was only the four of us, so at least there wasn’t the pressure of entertaining guests. I fixed my very first turkey, well it was only a breast, but still, I’m proud. It tastes pretty good.

I was pleased with the day but I’m so happy it’s over and it feels so good to bag up all the old toys and get them out of here, some straight to the trash bin but most to charity.

We’re still putting the finishing touches on my website. I have a place to put some stories, it’s just a matter of uploading them and I still need to write out my bio. I have a blog there too and eventually that will be my only one, but for a while I will maintain both.

I’m taking the kids down to my mom’s today since their daycare is closed all week and the only days I have off are today and tomorrow. It will be good to have a breather after all this.


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