The Big Shake Down

So apparently that has been this rumor among the folks at Pampers that someone in this household is expecting and before I go any farther let me just say uh-uh, there’s no way in hell, it ain’t happenin’ cap’n. But anyway they’ve been sending me all sorts of sample things for pregnancy and infants and I shrugged it off as a simple mistake but then…

…they got Gerber in on it. They sent me a sample for infant cereal and a little pamphlet filled with adorable goodness. And it made me smile and look again at the teeny tiny newborn diaper that Pampers sent… and I remembered what it was like when my toddlers were small enough to wear a diaper that size and awwww…. wouldn’t it be nice to have a cute little sweet smelling baby in the house again… and well I’m still young and it couldn’t be so bad could it…. but…

Ah – ha!!!!!

That’s how they get you! Its that subtle art of suggestion they use to get you back to buying their products. And I’m a prime target because it would be just my luck to get pregnant again and it be another set of twins.

Yeah, baby product companies, you slicksters… I’m on to you.


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