Best Weekend Ever

Ok, so that was probably a little overstated, but seeing as how I was in such a pissy mood at the start of it, my weekend shaped up quite nice… even though it rained. I visited my mother this weekend in the wet weather, and as a matter of fact, I think it was the rain that I loved most about it. It was the kind of rain I welcome, the steady mist that’s not too hard, that isn’t accompanied by thunder or lightning. It was the type of rain that relaxes instead of depresses me, the kind I’d rather stand in than run through or hide from and it continued all weekend.

And so, I walked in it, stood in it, talked in it, watched it through windows, felt it on my face and fingers and it was lovely. I partied with my best friend and her family and we had a blast. Yay for Holiday Party #3!

And today I came home. I went out Christmas shopping and successfully kept myself from buying gifts for myself and that made me feel good. Then I checked my email and…

My contributor’s copies of Santa’s Sweets are in the mail!!!!

The contact person on the previously mentioned “exciting news” front emailed me with her proposition. I’ve responded and asked my questions and I’m pretty sure it’s all a go, but man, oh man I can’t wait until it’s official enough for me to blurt it all over this blog!

Yes, it was a good weekend indeed.


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