‘Tis The Season…

… to party, to shop, to ignore awaiting writing projects…

I attended Holiday Party #2 over the weekend, this one hosted by my friend K, so of course that phrase couldn”t be proceeded by the word “boring” by any means. I enjoyed myself… am still recovering actually.

I received my contract and check for Amazons today. I’m really anxious for this anthology to be released as I’m really proud of this particular story. I began writing it several months before I submitted it for this project. It was actually intended for another anthology that I didn’t make the deadline for, but I knew that it was a story I wanted to finish and I’m glad that I was eventually able to use it.

I haven’t heard anything more on the “exciting news” front but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I don’t have to find new daycare arrangements after all. Love that.

What else, what else… Pampers thinks I’m having another baby. They sent me a sample of a newborn diaper a few weeks ago and a pamphlet on pregnancy and the early days of motherhood today. Right. That’s something mama certainly doesn’t want for Christmas.

I got the chance to enjoy the biography of Sylvia Plath on A&E today. It maked me really anxious to dig into the two books that I recently picked up, Her Husband and The Journals of Sylvia Plath. Maybe I’ll actually have the time to read them in 2006.


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