Micro Update

I had planned for a more detailed post but I started watching Project Runway and let myself get too tired. But anyway, I found out last week that I will have a project released before this year is done. Well, I’m a part of a project that will be released, anyway. My erotic Christmas story, Gift To Self, is included in the anthology, Santa’s Sweets, to be released December 15th by independent publisher LB’s Just Say It Publishing. I’ll have my contributor’s copy and a cool t-shirt to sport in a couple of weeks. I wrote that story in October of last year. It will be good to finally see it in print.

I’ve also received word that I’ll soon be receiving payment for The Death On Applegate Avenue, my story included in the upcoming anthology Amazons: Tall Tales of Strong Women.

It’s nice to hear good news about things to come when you currently have zilch going on… unless you count shopping… and t.v. watching.

And speaking of slacking off… how right on is my horoscope for today?

Your curious, adaptable and, ofcourse, intelligent nature provides you with all sorts of avenues of exploration and amazing ideas. When it comes to actually acting on one — and following through — well, you can get a little side tracked (or a lot side tracked). But your most recent brainstorm absolutely deserves to be pursued. Set your priorities and make a schedule — and maybe get a friend with a lot of determination onboard.

Ah, so much easier said than done.


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