Don’t Count Me Out

I don’t know what to say. I feel like I’ve gotten so far off course, I don’t know what it will take to get me back. I’m not a big fan of excuses, so it seems moot to point out that I’ve been working, been sick, have relatives in town and been feeling really, really down where the writing is concerned.

So, what do you post to a blog on writing when you’ve been writing squat?

There’s no way in hell I’m making my NaNo goal. There I said it. No excuses. It’s just not gonna happen, not in November, anyway. I feel like I can’t give a piece of writing away at this point. No, no, I was working on that a while ago, wasn’t I? Geez.

I’ve been collecting some interesting calls for submissions, though, and still have the chance to finish a story that an editor asked me for by the end of the year. So, high hopes, eh?

I hope you guys haven’t given up on me out there and I’m so sorry I’ve been ignoring my blog. It’s just what I do when I’m ashamed… I cover my face.

In other news, though, in about a month there will be a whole new venue for you to learn about all things me, hear me vent, watch my progess (dear God, let there be some progress) read my writing, maybe even see some pictures. Yes, for Christmas I’ve requested a personal website, more details as they come.

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