Now that I can breathe again…

So, I couldn’t really mention over the last week what was keeping me so tied up and stressed out and away form the PC. I threw (along with my in-laws) the husband a surprise birthday party over the weekend and was spending every free moment running to the store to get something or locking myself in my office to write out invitations or plan the menu or handle RSVPs… UGH!

I hate planning parties. I’m unbelievably happy it’s over and I can get back to life now. I picked up a cold along the way. It’s not as bad as last time and I’m hoping it will just skate on by. My mother-in-law is in from Alaska so we’ll be back and forth this week having the kids visit with her and I need to find time to see my family this weekend as well.

And Trouble… not much more progess there but I am so hoping that will change. I’m not counting on getting to 50,000. I’d be happy with getting halfway there at this point but I’m just proud that I even attempted it knowing what a hectic month this would be.

Any chance someone out there has a pill strong enough to allow me to sleep through the holidays?

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