If Anyone Has Seen My Groove

It’s been a week since I opened the file for Trouble. I’ve lost my groove somehow and I don’t know how to get it back. I equate my NaNoWriMo experience to my history with going to the gym. As long as I’m going every other day like clockwork, I’m good, but once I take a day or two off, that’s it. It becomes easy to slack off and say tomorrow, no tomorrow, no Monday, yes, Monday I’ll start fresh.

But, I only had a month and I let a week slide right from under me. How crazy am I? That was valuble writing time!

And what the hell happened? I’m still happy with the story. I love my characters and I pretty much know where it’s all going (even beyond NaNo) but somehow I’ve been paralyzed and I just don’t know how to jump back in there.

I’ve gone and made things extra hard for myself. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be writing pages at the dinner table on Thanksgiving if I want to even come close to meeting my goal. How typical.

Ah, well.

I did find out recently that I have to find new daycare arrangements for my kids by the beginning of the year and that has me pretty stressed, so can I blame it all on that?

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