It wasn’t the most productive weekend as writing goes, but some wonderful help from Devon yesterday has me well on my way with my revised press release and repackaged e-book. I am at almost 13,000 words on Trouble because I had a great writing day Friday but I haven’t been able to look at the manuscript since.

Yes, I’m getting to the hard parts. Actually, I’ve been writing around the hard parts, writing the fun scenes, the love scenes and the interesting dialogue, but it’s gotten to the point where I have to deal with the conflict and boy is it a conflict.

It was an easy start for me because the novel opens fifteen years after the big incident and my main character has returned to the place where said incident occurred so I knew that sooner or later she had to face the music. It’s looking like the only way it can come out, I mean really come out, is in flashback scenes (and I hate writing flashback scenes) but they get the story told and I’m trying to keep it minimal.

I’ve given away ten copies of the e-book. I can’t wait to tweak it so that I can send out my mass emails promoting it.

Hung out late Friday night. Ended up with scraped knees. Don’t ask.

We took the kids to see Chicken Little today. They enjoyed it. I was just happy it was a short movie.

I just got back from my friend K’s house. I had my twosome with me. It was her first time meeting my kids. I’m pretty sure she’ll never invite us back.

Now I’m back home and ready for my nightcap.

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