Oh Yeah, Writing…

It seems I’ve worn out my little hands by writing my Trouble pages first in longhand then turning around and typing them (don’t ask, it’s just my process). I needed to take a break from that today. Hopefullymy fingers will be rested enough to let me get a little done later tonight. But, as of late last night, I was up to roughly 8,600. It’s not the 10,000 I wanted, but it’s good enough.

However, I’ve been cracking myself up all day with The Rejected. It’s really giving me a chance to poke fun at myself and get some closure on all those stories that are just sitting there. So far, I’ve put all the stories in order, created the table of contents and title page and I’ve written the press release. Now, I’m working on a short introduction. I created a new email account specifically for this project and it will be all set to launch on Friday.

Wow, my hands are weak. I must get in the habbit of skipping the pen and paper and start planting myself directly in front of the PC/laptop.


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