All Dressed Up With No Place To Go

So, I got a little idea earlier today as I sifted through my email and saw that in one of my lists, a Chicago based writed was offering a free chapbook of his writing. Right now his name escapes me but I’ll drop it in here later. Anyway, I put in for a copy, got it and haven’t had a chance to read it yet but all that brings me to this:

I had been thinking, just after receiving my latest rejection this morning, that I’ve been collecting quite a few stories that had been submitted for various anthologies, all of them erotic and almost all of them themed. When they got rejected, I always had good intentions. I would find a home for those stories if it killed me and 99% of the time, I never got around to it. After all, what could I do with an erotic cowboy story, or better yet, a lesbian erotic cowboy story, or a dirty detective story, or an erotic story that (per guidelines) had to include a typewriter. So, for months, years in some cases, these stories sit, and where do they go?

So, in seeing what this Chicago based writer has done, I decided, hey, maybe somebody out there would like to have a looksie at this stuff. It would be in e-book form, possibly Adobe and it would be totally free of charge. I’d email it to you and everything. And if someone ends up liking it, well hey, that’s great, and if someone doesn’t, well hey, they haven’t lost a thing… besides an hour or two out of their life, of course.

So, whaddya say, who’s up for receiving a free chapbook (tentatively titled: Where The Rejected Go To Die – The Early Unblished Works of *my name here*) that contains eight of my rejected stories? Help me get some closure, why don’t ya? Have a great, big laugh at my expense, why don’t ya?

If this sparks any interest, I’ll create another email address for contact and post more details soon.


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