I’m listening to London based duo Floetry’s new CD, Flo’Ology, for the second time in a row today, trying to decide what my favorites are, and I’ll be damned if I don’t love something about every last one. I wasn’t a tremendous fan of their first album, Floetic, but loved the live version, Floacisim, and this one already has me hooked.

The lyrics and vocals are consistent throughout, be it a sexy ballad or an uptempo club banger and each song offers something different.

I absolutely love Feelings, a ballad about a friendship that has turned romatic where the songstress of the duo sings:

I just can’t decide if it’s you I want , I don’t want to choose between having you in my life or losing you for real because I caught feelings…

I’m definitely digging Imagination, an ultra sexy ballad and Sometimes You Make Me Smile, a simply beautiful love song where the lyricist speaks words like:

The most fragile part of me nurses our strongest connection, you live in my memory with the philosophy that, now, offers me completion…

The ballad, I Want You is, well, interesting. After listening to the lyrics, you’ll find the title quite ironic.

I also like the upbeat tracks like Closer and Supastar (featuring hip-hop artist Common). I feel like I could find myself bobbing my head to these while riding (alone) in the car or sitting (again alone) in my office.

Other than having way too few tracks (only eleven), I have to say that this sophomore effort is a winner.


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