Progress Report

So, technically it’s Saturday, but since I haven’t been to sleep yet, this counts for Friday. As of closing my Word file a few minutes ago, I was at 4,385 words. I’m still in the hole where my personal goals are concerned but right now I’m happy with writing a little something every day and I’m especially pleased that today I wrote a lot of what I feel is pretty good stuff, stuff that might actually stick around after this draft.

A lot of what I wrote today was dialogue and I’m happy with that as dialogue has been something I’ve struggled with before. However, but from here on out I want to concentrate more on actually story, setting and description and the like.

The kids and I are going to my mom’s tomorrow morning, so I need to pack a little bag with my writing materials.

I’m tempted to stay up a little longer and write more but I don’t want to push it. I may be able to squeeze in a post before leaving in the morning/later today, but if not, I’ll update again on Sunday.


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