Starting Trouble

And so it began. I wrote 2,168 words on my NaNo project, Trouble, which included the prologue and the first scene of Chapter One. I’m planning another short scene and then I’ll be on to Chapter Two. I’m over my daily goal, but short overall since I started a day late, but I’m confident I’ll make it up over the next few days.

I actually have more written in longhand so my count could have really been better. I just didn’t feel like typing anymore.

What I’m focusing on is just writing it, just getting the words out there, to tell the story and not worry about the stuff that I can come back and fix later.

I was talking to a writer friend once about so much revising to do on a project and wondering how some people managed to have completed manuscripts in a month or two.

She said, “Well, I guess some people get it right the first time.”

Well, I’ve accepted that I’m not one of those people, but I know it’s going to be hard once I get past a chapter only to think of another scene or a few more sentences that could make it better.

I like the prologue. The first scene of Chapter One is crap – an awful lot of telling and not showing – but I’ll worry about that later and just make sure to keep that in mind as I move forward. Over all, I think I’m going to like this project a lot.


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