Don’t Come To Dinner

Boy did I flub up dinner today. I went in with the best intentions… had the meat marinating for most of the afternoon, had lovely plans for some baby carrots and potatoes. Then about six this afternoon it all went up in smoke, or more accurately, it all shriveled up into a dry chip.

It was only my second time cooking a London Broil. The first time I slow cooked it like a roast. It tasted okay but was too tender and this time I wanted to actually broil it. I also thought I could throw the potatoes and carrots in with it (having pre-boiled them a little…well, a lot…it was an accident). That didn’t work out too well as they were burned to a crisp long before the meat was done. So I scooped them out and set them aside, figuring it was okay since I was steaming cabbage and rice as well. It wasn’t okay. The meat was as dry as a chip. The cabbage was too spicy and the rice was bland. Husband said everything was good. I supplemented my meal with cookies and milk.

Now I sound like I can’t cook. I can… really. I once dated a guy who, to this day, I’m convinced only liked me for my cooking. He always cancelled dates and he didn’t like to go out, but if I had a pot of water boiling on the stove, he was there. He was over every Sunday for dinner. Then one Sunday he arrived to find nothing on the stove. I told him I wasn’t cooking. If he wanted to eat, he had to cook. He went to the store, got one of those cold pre-roasted chickens, a can of beans and a box of instant potatoes. We broke up shortly after.

There really is no rhyme or reason to this post, but the fact that I’m so chatty should give you a hint that I’m feeling better. No cold medicine at all today, just the icky antibiotic. Still coughing a little and definitely still tired but there is a noticeable improvement. I even got in a little writing at the kitchen table this afternoon. I have a week to finish the new untitled story. It’s flowing well and coming pretty easy so it’s not unattainable.

I think that’s all. Daycare is closed again tomorrow and I have to go to a meeting so I guess I’ll have to make myself presentable to the outside world.

Night all.


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