The Best Year Of My Life

I got this idea from Michelle over at Ye Olde Inkwell (’cause who am I to ignore new ways to procrastinate?) so decided to disclose what I consider the best year of my life… it was hard because great things have happened to me at different times and the writer in me wants to say 2002 when I had my first piece of adult writing accepted and the mom in me wants to say 2003 when my beautiful children were born but aside from those events, over all those weren’t fantastic years so…

It was 1998!!!!

That year I turned 21, got the courage to end a toxic relationship, moved into my own apartment, tasted tequila for the first time, got absolutely drunk off my ass for the first time, threw up on a date’s shoes for the first (and thankfully only) time, dated a younger man (he was 19, I was 21 so I really felt like I was robbing the cradle), I went out when I wanted and came home when I wanted, took trips out of town on a whim, stayed up playing cards until 5 in the morning and still showed up for work at 7 and many other naughty and irresponsible adventures I’ll never speak of here but basically everything that year involved celebrating my independence and it was fun, fun, fun. I was on my own, paying my own way, answering to no one and having the time of my life.

Aaah… it’s nice to remember. I guess we gotta grow up sometime, eh?


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