I Love/Hate When This Happens

Finally, it’s back to the business of writing, but as a result of last night’s grocery store epiphany, it’s back to square one with Cling. I’ve been having a hard time with it as I’ve mentioned more than once, to the point where I almost felt like I was forcing the words, trying to form the story out of scraps of dialogue and scenes. While I felt like I could pull it off with more work, the piece just wasn’t speaking to me. I wasn’t in touch with the characters or the story and it’s hard to proceed with a story I don’t feel a part of.

So, I tossed it and am writing a whole new story with a new plot, new characters, and a new angle and the words are coming quicker than I can get them down.


This of course means more work for me, but I’ll gladly trade a few extra days of mad scribbling and typing for a story that I won’t have second thoughts about, that I actually like and feel confident about it possibly being accepted.

I also whipped out a query for another story that I’ll be sending out later today. So, I guess I won’t feel too bad after this weekend is over. I’ve been sleeping a hell of a lot better. I think I have the cooler mornings to thank for that since the kids seem to want to snooze a little longer now.

And since it’s getting colder I have lots of other things to get excited about like boots, boots, boots!


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