The Show Must Go On

In case you’re not quite tired of hearing it – I feel like crap. Last night was miserable. Today was a little better but now I feel I’ve taken a few steps back.

However, the writing has resumed. I’m in the editing phase with Cling, mostly trimming the fat and working the story into something that flows. As it is an erotic piece I’m trying to focus on bringing the sexy bits in early enough to keep the audience intrigued but not introduce the big scene so soon that the story falls flat right after… Geez, it’s hard to think sexy with a stuffy nose, clogged ears and a hacking cough. I didn’t lighten up the tone, though… as much as you can with a break up story, I guess.

I think I can wrap it up by tomorrow. Then I want to tackle one more story before NaNoWriMo begins.


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