They’re Back

It’s almost not even worth sending the kids to my mother’s when what I get back is two little terrors who (when they aren’t clinging to me like Velcro) are ignoring every single thing I say.

They didn’t get a proper nap today (because at grandma’s they never do) so now they’re overtired and I can’t do anything to please them. I can’t take a step without one of them on my hip and at thirty pounds a piece my bones are gonna be some kind of brittle in my later years (or maybe I should start doing some strength training). Every other word out of my mouth is “Stop!” or “No!” or when it get’s really quiet – “What are you doing in there???!!!”

I’ve been grinding my teeth so hard I have a headache.

I’d pay somebody to kidnap me right now – except they would have to keep me indefinitely because we don’t have any money for ransom.


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